Call for Proposals


      Submit your proposal for the 2017 IABS Conference

Submission Deadline Extended:  Saturday, December 10, 2016

Acceptance of Proposals:  MONDAY, January 30, 2017

This year’s conference theme is Business and Society: from ambition to impact

Our 2017 Conference takes place Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Amsterdam is the Capital City of The Netherlands and is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with 180 nationalities living in the city. The Netherlands and Dutch companies are frequently cited as amongst the most sustainable nations and firms in the world. The ambitions are very promising leading to many activities and outputs. However, the actual impact on Business and Society of those ambitions is less known. Impact thinking and impact measurement is still an infancy stage.

At a time when fundamental questions are being asked about the role of business in society, and the role of society in business, our conference will focus on the pathway from ambition to impact.


Bringing the best to business and society

The conference theme invites reflection on how our teaching, research and service activities strengthen our business community and our society. During the conference, we will be seeking answers to a variety of questions, including:

  • What role has our field played in the way business managers and our students view business?
  • How has our field evolved in its ability to shape the business narrative?
  • What must we do as a community of scholars in our research, teaching, and service to strengthen the important institutions in our society?


Submission guidelines

Our conference provides a forum for scholarly work in various stages of development. It also contributes to establishing an innovative learning community. We invite you to submit the following proposal types:


Share an idea that is in the early to middle stages of development but is not yet paper-ready.

Sessions provide ample time for conversation, questions, suggestions, and other feedback from attendees.

Discussion sessions are limited, and preference will be given to new and innovative research topics.

Discussion submissions will be grouped with like proposals, and participants will convene as a group.

Discussion abstracts will be circulated prior to the conference.

Format required:

Proposals should be approximately 3-4 pages (single-spaced) in length and should clarify how the idea fits into the field of business and society and the key point/issue to be discussed. 


Authors should submit a detailed abstract that includes the objectives and scope of the research, methodology, and findings.

Paper sessions will include time for audience questions and feedback. Full papers will be eligible for a Best Conference Paper Award.

Format required:

The abstract should be a maximum of 5 single-spaced pages in length. 

Please submit only abstracts as specified

Full length papers will not be reviewed, but they should be submitted prior to the conference

Full papers are limited to a maximum of 15 pages. 





Symposium presenters will not be anonymous to the reviewers.

A symposium can focus on a particular area of business and society research or on a specific teaching-related topic.

Format required:

A symposium proposal of 3-5 single-spaced pages in length should provide both the presenters’ names and their specific contributions to the symposium

The proposal should also provide an overview that clearly defines the interconnections among the various presentations.



A workshop is a working meeting that focuses on a specific research or teaching challenge.

Workshops may be ‘open’ – you do not need to know all your participants ahead of time.

A workshop session can require participants to read and prepare feedback on one another’s abstracts or do some other preparation prior to the session.

Format required

Proposals for workshops should be 3-5 single spaced pages in length.

The proposal should include a brief overview of the basic area of research or teaching that will be addressed; a summary of the session’s planned logistics and mechanics; and a brief discussion of the workshop leaders and some tentatively identified participants.

Innovative Session

An innovative session invites conference participants to propose a session with activities/experiential exercises that facilitate reflection on the conference theme.  

The activity/exercise could explore the conference theme,  examine practices related to the theme, or enable participants to experience the theme in a new and unique way. 

Format required

Proposals for innovative sessions should be 3 – 5 single spaced pages in length and summarize the session’s logistics and mechanics. 

Successful proposals demonstrate a clear connection with the conference theme.















Submit Your Proposal

Please read the Submission Requirements carefully.

All conference proposals will be subjected to a blind peer-review process.

Each submission must be:

  • In font ‘Times New Roman’
  • 12 point font
  • Single-spaced

Each submission must not:

  • Include any identifying information in the file containing your submission
  • Exceed 5 pages

Please include a separate file that contains a cover sheet that states:

  • The intended session format
  • Designated corresponding author
  • Contact information (name, address, phone, fax, email) for the author and any other participants (e.g., workshop panelists, symposium presenters, etc.)
  • Three keywords to assist in assigning reviewers.   

Submission constitutes a commitment that at least one paper author will attend the conference if the submission is accepted.

Everyone submitting a proposal will be requested to serve as a reviewer for at least three other submissions.

Abstracts should be submitted electronically here.