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2014 Annual Meeting of the
International Association for Business & Society (IABS)
Conference Theme:  Reclaiming the Societal Dimension:  New Perspectives on 'Society and Business'
Sydney, Australia • June 19-22, 2014 
Proposal Submission Deadline: December 2, 2013

After 1 May: $450 for Faculty; $400 for full time doctoral students.

Early Bird: until 1 May $425 for Faculty; $375 for full time doctoral students




The past 25 years has witnessed considerable development in our understanding of the relationship between society and business. But, mostly our scholarship has placed business at the centre of this analysis. What happens when we take society’s perspective? What social issues, challenges and impacts should business address? What is our study of ‘society and business’ meant to achieve?

A lot of our work has fine-tuned descriptive accounts of how managers need to (and should) consider stakeholders, social performance and social and environmental impacts in order to ensure their legitimacy, continued survival and prosperity. A lot of it has attempted to institutionalise a new, moral language for business. But are there more fundamental objectives to consider? 

The theme of the 25th anniversary IABS conference to be held in June 2014 invites you to consider the broader societal, normative and political objectives of our field. Let’s turn our field ‘upside-down down-under’! Can CSR be transformational of business organisations? Do we need to re-think the role and purpose of business in the context of global social and environmental challenges? Does CSR and our society and business theorising have sufficient intellectual strength to consider fundamental change in the society and business relationship?

For the first time IABS will be held outside America and Europe. We particularly welcome the participation of our neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region.


Given that the 2014 conference will also be the 25th anniversary IABS conference we will also be seeking input and reflections from the founders of our movement. Further details will be posted on our website:


Please join us in Sydney, Australia between 19 and 22 June 2014.

For more information or questions please contact:
     Conference Chair: Colin Higgins
     Operations Manager:  Kim Rodela